Source: US Department of Agriculture

Although corn (or maize, as it’s known throughout much of the world) has the honor of being grown in nearly all fifty states, its production is primarily concentrated in the northern and Midwestern states—collectively known as the “corn belt.” In the 2014/2015 crop marketing year, (Sept. 1-Aug. 31) the United States grew nearly 361.09 MMT of corn, of which 44.45 MMT (roughly 12.3%) is likley to be exported. The Major importers are likely to be, Japan, Mexico, and Korea. South East Asia is also a sizable importer and 9.2 MMT of corn is imported in the region, of which roughly 60% is of US origin. With rapidly growing markets throughout the globe, the world is increasingly turning to United States as its preferred supplier—providing almost 40% of the entire corn export market of 112.3 MMT, followed by Former Soviet Union (17.66%), Brazil (17.36%), Ukraine (14.69%) and Argentina (10.68%)

U.S. Corn Production, Domestic Use and Exports (in Thousand Metric Tons)


Source: USDA