Sorghum (or milo as it’s sometimes referred to in the United States) represents the third-largest cereal grain in the United States. It’s comparative advantage is its drought tolerance, resistance to mycotoxins and fungi, and survivability in relatively harsher climatic conditions. Thusly, its production is primarily focused in a stretch of land beginning in southern Nebraska and ending at the southern tip of Texas. The United States in 2014/15 is expected to produce 10/99 MMT of which 6.858 MMT will be exported. The worghum in U.S. in low tanins and can eb used in poultry rations.

Chief importers in the 2014/2015 crop year (Sept. 1-Aug. 31) are expected to be Mexico, the European Union, and Japan.

U.S. Sorghum Production, Domestic Use and Exports (in Thousand Metric Tons)


Source: USDA