Corn Gluten


Source: US Department of Agriculture

Corn gluten feed (CGF) and meal (CGM) are the highly nutritious co-products of the corn refining (wet-milling) industry. Each year, more than $740 million worth of corn gluten feed/corn gluten meal is exported. CGF and CGM are not to be confused, as CGF has roughly 22% crude protein, whereas CGM has approximately 60% crude protein. Each offers various distinctions and advantages for different complete feed rations.

In the marketing year ending on Aug. 31, 2011, more than 2 million tons left the country for the export market. The European Union dominates the destinations, encompassing nearly half of total exports. Ireland (18%) was the top user of international corn gluten, followed by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (each at 11%). Israel was close behind at 10% with Egypt completing the top five at 8%.